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A People’s Guide to Preserving ‘Undervalued’ Sites of Historical Significance

This toolkit enables users to unpack historical legacies and their relevance to current societal conflicts, with a specific focus on the unique circumstances surrounding the underlying histories of 'undervalued' sites.

It will further impact communities and future generations by creating a new and equitable approach to preservation.

Public Policy

1   Federal Policy      
2   Funding Initiatives
3   Land Use and Zoning
4  Buildings and Architecture

Unique Concerns


6   Underrepresented History
7   Cultural Responsibility

Best Practices

   Financing a Project      

9   Architectural Preservation and Adaptive Use
10  Land Use

About this toolkit


The Institute for History and Healing wishes to thank Northeastern University's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs for developing this "People's Guide" in cooperation with the Institute's Board.  Northeastern's graduate program requires students to complete a Capstone, a research-based project, in which students apply core training and specialized skills through community immersion.  This project is the work of:

Nicole Howard - Master of Public Policy

Anna Ibru - Master of Public Policy
Catrina Schick - Master of Urban Planning & Policy

Sarah Sharpe - Master of Public Administration

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