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Board of Directors


Carley Cavins  (“Elle Cole”)

  Founder and Publisher,

   Blogger/Influencer, Homeschooler

   ✧Advocate for children with Sickle Cell

   ✧On the show

thumbnail_Neyooxet Greyman.jpg

Neyooxet Greymorning, PhD

 Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies, Political Anthropologist

   ✧Arapaho Elder on preserving the language

   ✧On the show 


MaryAnne Howland

President, Ibis Communications

   ✧Warrior Rising: Not just a book, a movement

   ✧On the showshow 


Stephen Hudspeth

Adjunct Professor, UConn

Graduate School of Business

  Retired Partner and Chair of Litigation Department, Coudert Brothers

  Columnist: The Wilton Bulletin   


Ted Landsmark, PhD

Director, Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at

Northeastern University

  Unwilling icon on America, George Floyd

✧On the show


Matthew L. Mixon

Broadcast Executive, Filmmaker

   Mixon Media Group

  ✧On the show

Catherine Orenstein.jpg

Catherine (Katie) Orenstein

Founder and CEO

  The OpEd Project

  Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked 

Todd Popham (temp).png

Todd Popham

Founder and CEO

 Popham Associates

  The Generous Leader

20210217-091726-janus adams-headshot.png.jpg

Janus Adams

Founder, Institute for History & Healing

Author, Historian, Journalist

  Janus Adams LLC

The Janus Adams Show and Podcast

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