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Cultural Responsibility

As preservationists work to uncover significant histories, cultural sensitivity and responsibility are key factors. Preservationists may not have a cultural understanding of the historical significance of the work. They must be respectful and responsive to current communities that may have a stake in the project. Involvement of the current communities will help lead to the most representative and true description of history. 

The Nicodemus study is a prime example of the need for responsible preservation. In Nicodemus, the National Park Service intervened with their own employees and sought involvement from locals. Local involvement was found to be scarce and the results were clear. The National Historic Sites policy implemented by the NPS was found to be more harmful than beneficial for Nicodemus. A combination of factors contributes to the harm, including employee transfer policies. This allows NPS employees to transfer to new locations to work on projects. The turnover was harmful to the preservation project as the employees did not have a true understanding or investment in Nicodemus (Adams, 2016). 

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