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Grant Fraud

Grant Fraud within non-profit organizations unfortunately still exists, disappoints, and as equally surprises the public when such cases arise. A recent scenario is exemplified by the alleged actions of Monica Cannon-Grant, a prominent

social activist and CEO of the Violence in Boston organization. Based on an indictment from the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s Office: As of March 2022, Grant has been charged with soliciting and receiving over a million dollars in donations and grants from individuals, charitable institutions, and other entities through fundraising. She is further accused of using these funds for personal expenses, such as financing mortgage payments, vacations, and expensive gifts.

Although cases specific to the misuse of funds in historical preservation projects seem harder to come by, allegations like these cause reputational harm for any project trying their best to serve the public good. They should serve as a cautionary tale as organizers plan and execute their financial objectives, particularly when it comes to the fulfillment of an organization’s mission and contribution to the public.

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