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New Paltz, NY, Historic Stone House, Public Domain (NPS)

A People’s Guide to Preserving ‘Undervalued’ Sites of Historical Significance: A Toolkit

This toolkit enables users to unpack historical legacies and their relevance to current societal conflicts, with a specific focus on the unique circumstances surrounding the underlying histories of 'undervalued' sites.

It will further impact future generations, communities, and teachers by creating a new and equitable approach to preservation.


This "People's Guide" was created in cooperation with The Institute for History and Healing, Inc. by Master's Degree candidates at Northeastern University:


Anna Ibru - Master of Public Policy

Catrina Schick - Master of Urban Planning & Policy

Nicole Howard - Master of Public Policy

Sarah Sharpe - Master of Public Administration

Northeastern's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs requires students to complete a Capstone--a research-based project--in which students apply core training and specialized skills through community immersion.  

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